Brand New Showroom Garage

Garage Storage Project near Kilbourn Park

A couple of months ago, we talked with Paul, the owner of The Awesomer and 95Octane blogs, and his wife Gigi. Paul is a cool guy (one could say he’s an “awesomer” guy, but we won’t go there), and he loves trying out new products and trends that are related to cars and tech. We […]

epoxy floors diy vs pro

Epoxy Floors: DIY Kits Vs. Hiring a Pro

  When it comes to garage floor coatings, you get what you pay for. Polyurea is more expensive per square foot, but its durability is unmatched and will last you decades before it ever needs repairing or a new coat. The same is true with an industrial grade epoxy, albeit it’s not as strong as […]

3 best choices for wood garage cabinets

3 Best Choices of Wood for Garage Cabinets

  Homeowners have a wide variety of options for cabinetry in a garage. Options like molded plastic cabinets and metal cabinets are among the most popular and are easy to set up.   Wood cabinets can be a great option if you are looking for a homey, living-space interior look or want a traditional workshop […]